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In the 11+ years that we have been advising high school students and their families in the area of college admissions we have been asked more than a few times about the "secrets". Why do some students get admitted to Princeton or Cornell, while others -who appear to be similarly qualified- get rejected? How do some students win full tuition scholarships, while others -even a few valedictorians- end up paying full price?  And these questions are only the 'tip of the iceberg' for those forward looking students and their parents who are beginning to engage with the convoluted world of selective college admissions. We do not pretend to possess insight to answer for every case. But if we are pressed to explain what is really going on in these situations we are confident that the best answer is described by a single word: STRATEGY. In our view, students who are able to execute a superior college strategy during the high school years will almost always receive better college outcomes than those who may be quite strong students, but who have a poor or non-existent college strategy. Like sports, competitive college admissions and finance is ultimately a game of strategy among talented players.

At Summit Scholars, we offer high school students and families several effective college success strategies so that they can make it to the top- their Summit! 

The Pinnacle Plan.... reach for the top!

The Pinnacle Plan.... reach for the top!

Pinnacle Plan

The Pinnacle Plan is the Summit Scholars comprehensive college planning program for high school students and their families. The Pinnacle Plan is the ONLY college planning program available which incorporates the complete 4 Phase College Strategy. The Pinnacle Plan is designed to teach students how to develop the habits, attitudes, and skill sets needed to maximize ALL of their college options, achievement awards, scholarships and finances to successfully navigate the highly competitive game of selective college admissions. The Pinnacle Plan teaches 9th, 10th and 11th grade students how to PLAY to WIN the college game at the best colleges and universities in America. The Pinnacle Plan includes academic coaching for mastery of the most critical areas for high school and college achievement such as self discovery, study skills, integrated co-curriculum planning, organizing the search, college selection, admissions testing, college application and essay writing, maximizing financial aid... and how to play both offense and defense in highly competitive, high stakes college competitions. In addition, our advisors will provide "a list" of right fit colleges that reflect the students interest, ability, potential growth and happiness. 

Note: The Pinnacle Plan is selective and is only available to high school students in grades 9 through 11 who also meet the program admission criterion. Students and parents who are interested in the Pinnacle Plan must schedule a college strategy session to learn more.

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Summit College Seminars .....  a singular focus

Summit College Seminars .....  a singular focus

Summit College Seminars

Summit college seminars are each focused on teaching a key topic of importance to college bound high school students. Summit seminars are available for:

  • College admissions SAT/ACT test prep
  • Winning Achievement Awards
  • Career discovery seminar

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College Essentials course ..... the very least you need to know

College Essentials course ..... the very least you need to know

College Essentials cram course

The College Essentials cram course is a quick crash course in the bare essentials of how to get admitted to and pay for college. College Essentials cram course is designed for flexible online learning. Essentials is self paced for students who are short on time, but motivated to make the most of their minutes. It is ideally suited for high school seniors and others that are unable to engage in comprehensive college planning, such as the Pinnacle plan (see above).

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