4 Phase College Strategy TM

"4 Phase College Strategy" TM

When many students think of planning for college they think of filling out forms, taking tests and sending in applications to local colleges. 

We call this the traditional method of college admissions,

one that focuses on

 "getting in".

  In our 4 Phase College Strategy

we focus on college graduation

 "getting out". 

The Summit college strategy is student centric, focused on helping the student mature into adulthood while developing the habits of mind, character, and personal skills necessary to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. 

Our 4 Phase strategy is comprehensive, including student readiness, student discovery, college selection and college admissions. 


How to succeed in college

In contrast to traditional methods of “college admissions” where students re-actively wait until colleges reach out to them, we believe in empowering students by teaching them how to pro-actively position themselves for favorable college decisions. More importantly, we seek to give high school students an education about higher education so that they can make informed choices as they proceed through the college selection process.  We aid parents in supporting their child as they maneuver through the process. Parental preferences, as well as students abilities, aspirations, and trajectory are the bedrock of comprehensive college plans.

Our coaches help students with professional insight into the college process to save parents time, stress and unnecessary financial obligations. Our successful formula for high school to college success is built in to our proprietary college achievement advising system called the 4 Phase college strategy.