Not enough time for your child's future ??

She's not the only one getting lost .... in the national school guidance counseling crisis


"Nationwide, there is roughly one guidance counselor for every 475 students. In California, the ratio is closer to one counselor for every 1,000 students. When building strong personal relationships with students isn't at the heart of any counselor's efforts, we perpetuate a system that is unworkable. 

These impossible caseloads and antiquated conceptions of the role of counselors force many guidance counselors to spend most of their day on non-guidance tasks, like being hallway monitors, mailing deficiency notices, filling in as substitute teachers, and administering discipline."

Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's Remarks at the College Board AP Conference JULY 15, 2010

QUESTION 1- What are the consequences of the overwhelming student caseload managed by even the best and brightest Guidance Counselors in the country?

ANSWER- Each child receives 38 minutes of personal advising on College Admissions on average

Source: National Association for College Admissions Counseling


QUESTION 2- What is the #1 strategy that smart families are using to ensure their child does not lose ... the highly competitive game of college admissions? 

ANSWER- The 26% solution: "26% of high achieving students hired an educational consultant to assist in their college search"                  Lipman Hearne



The critical numbers are 475:1

Nationally, ONE

Guidance Counselor

serves 475 students!


But according to the American School Counselors Association, the recommended ratio is a 250-to-1 student to counselor ratio. Few high schools are staffed at or near the recommended ratio.

Do you know how large a case load your child's Guidance Counselor is handling? When you find out, we'll bet you'll want to supersize that bouquet you'll be sending her.