Visiting over 100+ colleges

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Why we travel

A great independent educational consultant needs to have as much information about educational options as possible. It is this accumulation of knowledge that allows the match to be suggested so that a family can then plan a visit and evaluate on their own. IECs can gain this information from a variety of sources. To be sure, exploring Web sites, view books, and literature is important. However these are written by hired public relations firms, and so while critical information will be shared, it is skewed to present the best possible image of a school or program.


Ann Roberts

How better to describe a potential school to a student than to be able to share a personal view, in order to discuss it as a potential match. School and college IECs sit in the dining hall, observe interactions, read bulletin boards to see what events are coming up, notice the influence of the athletic department, and discern what the political climate is. An independent educational consultant wanders over to ‘Main Street’ to see the student/town interaction, observe the maintenance of the physical plant, and see if students USE the gym, the library, the student support center, etc

Robert Jones

No one source of information is sufficient to gain a complete view of a school, college, or program but it is the visit—a personal visit by a trained professional—that when combined with statistics, published reports, Web sites and more, is likely to provide the best, most complete picture of an institution. Such a picture informs the consultant whether or not a school should be placed on the list of possibilities, allowing a student and family to conduct their own research. It is this difference that makes consultants invaluable for families and makes IECA members the most respected in the field.


Linda Jones

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Phyllis Rhee

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